About Amy

I make functional pottery objects for the home and table and small scale sculptural pieces. I share the age old belief that there is joy, beauty and connection in using handmade pottery. There is joy and beauty also in the process of making pottery, in the transformation of soft clay to a solid object.

I am part of a tradition of women who use their time and talent to make functional items for the home that are also beautiful, expressive and become treasured because they were used. The pottery I make is intended to honour these traditions, enhance daily home life, shared meals, joy and celebration.


I grew up in Halifax, NS and Ottawa, ON. I am inspired by these beautiful cities and their shorelines, trees, flowers and rocks. My childhood memories include learning the importance and joy of fine craft from my extensive family. My grandmother, in particular, taught me to sew, make quilts, knit, hook rugs and make a good pie.

Gallery ShowI studied philosophy (ethics) and public administration at Dalhousie and Queen’s Universities. Following these studies, I enjoyed a career in the public sector, mainly in areas working to support vulnerable populations.

I am a member of Gladstone Clayworks, a 25 member pottery cooperative Studio and Gallery in the former Standard Bread Company building in central Ottawa. I incorporate elements of nature, landscape, textile arts and cooking in my work. I also belong to the Ottawa Guild of Potters, and I am proud to serve as its current president.

I also enjoy sharing my love of pottery by teaching pottery classes.

I learned to make pottery over the course of several years, and continue to take joy in discovering more about this wonderful, ancient craft. I have studied with several pottery instructors in Ottawa, including Carolynne Pynn Trudeau, Anne Chambers, and Cynthia O’Brien. I have taken part in many ceramics workshops and events including: